Thursday, 27 October 2011

Take 3B: 5B Web Guitar Playing, It Takes Two to Tango

This is a clip we filmed the day before filming the last percussion clip.
I had planned to bring this one out first, but somehow that percussion clip passed before.
So, let’s go right away to the Music Room:

This is one of my favourite Spirit-of-the-Future songs.

What is/are yours? Let me know!
So, what was going on in the Music Room today, 5B Web-wise?
Playing with others in sports and arts is about CHEMISTRY. As soon as we start mixing our own Social Body with the Social Body of someone else, all our other “bodies” get stirred into that BOILING POT OF INTER-PERSONAL DYNAMICS.
QUANTUM PHYSICALEDUCATION is about developing in the first place the ability to direct our own CHEMISTRY; to involve our own five “bodies” and become AWARE of the INTERDEPENDENCY between them, when we individually practise a sport or form of art.
If you do, you will often have the DIRECT EXPERIENCE IT WORKS.
QUANTUM PHYSICAL EDUCATION is then about developing the ability to fully engage all our five bodies in ANY SOCIAL SETTING in sports, in arts, in education.
If you do, you will often have the DIRECT EXPERIENCE IT WORKS.

Once we start to get “the hang” of EXPERIENCING the physical, creative, emotional, mental and social aspect of every CREATIVE PROCESS, we can start our SPECULATIVE STUDIES of all practises, games, jams, happenings we are involved in and all those we witness, “live” or on the screen.
I invite you to look BEYOND the usual assessments like; “that is so good”, “that is so bad” and “what is the score”. I hinted at that when I talked about my own 5B Web experience while singing under the shower and the professional artist or singer who does NOT necessarily have a 5B Web experience (no more) or only a part-time one.
I invite you to ANALYSE sportsgames and concerts you see from those five angles. NOT because you want to add your opinion to the zillions of opinions about sports & arts people throw in the air every day, but because it will inspire you to continually improve your own ability to TRULY PLAY.

Yup; once you start, it never ends…
Watching the clip, you noticed probably that Adam and I were pretty relaxed. What you maybe didn't notice is that we have not played together a lot and hadn’t really practised anything for the clip. This was our third and last take; we did not have time for another one. The first take Adam and I got into a hilarious conversation completely losing the theme of the clip. The second take went well until the batteries of the camera died. We laughed, stayed in the present moment, did the final take and had to run off to the rest of our respective days.
Adam is a truly passionate guitar player who plays in a band. I only play once in a while, but felt comfortable, because my limited guitar and singing skills were supported by the rest of my 5B Web.
At one point Adam was helping me run Social Circus workshops. He had no experience in any of the circus arts. However he picked up the basics of a couple of the circus skills in no-time, because he practised with the same CREATIVITY, PASSION & FOCUS as when he plays guitar.
Adam and I inspired each other in the clip. In later blogs we will look at the potential for spectacular dynamics in groups when everybody has warmed up his/her five “bodies” and inspires each other. Many of my workshops over the years were full of CREATIVE FIREWORKS!
I am preparing a book on how to apply this 5B Web approach to team sports.

Imagine a football match; 11 players against 11 players.

Of course I am NOT counting “bodies”, however with the 5B Web in mind I always ask myself the same type of questions. From watching the Olympics and World Cups all the way to each time I pass by a pick-up game in a parc or in a schoolyard:
Who NEEDS a coach or teacher to tell them what to do – or not to do?

Who USES a coach or teacher well as an adviser and inspirator?

Who is IN THEIR HEADS a lot in spite of being involved in a rigorous physical activity?

Who is able to transform the FRICTION every team sport match is so loaded with?

Who enjoys the ENDORPHINS rush team sports can give us?

What coach or teacher allows his players true ARTISTIC FREEDOM?
In short: who is PLAYING?

But for now, back to the Music Room. Let’s keep it simple. Just start observing yourself when you PLAY with one other person. As Adam just pointed out in the clip; two people playing involves 10 “bodies”. There was some wonderful chemistry in the short session in the clip. However I have also played with people with whom it did NOT “click” at all.
In any sport or form of art where we PLAY with others, the verb PLAY is RELATIVE.
Ask yourself when you play with others; “how are my “bodies” functioning”. It is a kind of like checking the different panels in the cockpit of an airplane while it is flying. The more you get “the hang” of using your 5B Web, the more you will cultivate the DISCIPLINE to check those panels BEFORE take off…!
If you and your partner both play with well functioning 5B Webs, there are two main benefits, as I mentioned in the clip.
First of all, there will be many (small or bigger) wonder-full moments while you create together, in any sport or form of art (and educational setting or working situation). On our own we can create some magic, but when we play with another person who also plays with PASSION, there is SOMETHING EXTRA in the air.

Suddenly 1 + 1 = 3!!!

And secondly, after your sport or art session you will both continue the rest of your respective lives with fully warmed up 5B Webs (this is one of the ways to evaluate the quality of every session!).
Before I let you go, here is a book suggestion you can send around to your parents, teachers, coaches, etc. When we will look at the EMOTIONAL BODY in a later blog, I will use PASSION as the expression for an emotional body in full health. But PASSION is also used for that one (or more) activity we always LÒÒÒVE to do, we are CRAZY about. I gave you a checklist to verify if you have found your PASSION at the end of my second blog (Take 2: Everything is Relative).
Sir Ken Robinson’s book “The Element” is about the importance for every human being to find his/her PASSION. He tells the fascinating stories of how great artists, athletes, business leaders and scientists found and fully developed their PASSION.

Peace Out!